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Analysis • Planning • Programming • Development • Integration • Support

Our Services

  • Analysis & planning
  • Relational database design
  • Desktop database applications
  • Website design and build
  • CMS & ecommerce expertese
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Contingency planning
  • Ongoing support
  • Database training


  • Custom PHP
  • PHP frameworks including Symfony and CodeIgniter
  • VB, VBA
  • C#, VB.NET
  • JavaScript
  • XML / XSLT

Database Technologies

  • MySql
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SQL Server Reporting Tools
  • Microsoft Access
  • Integration with other database systems, eg SAP, Oracle, FileMaker Pro, Sage, Lotus Notes, etc.

What We Can Do For You

Our Approach

  • Listen to our clients to ensure that the best possible solution is provided.
  • Optimize the database system or website around the actions of the intended audience.
  • Create a flexible and robust information structure.
  • Maximize cost-benefit for the client.
  • Ensure the site is tested against relevant standards and spread of user environments.

After discussing your requirements we will either build you a custom solution or find the most appropriate third party products and integrate them with your existing systems.

Analysis & Planning

We use schematic paper based diagrams of the whole system and key individual screens to develop consistent, coherent and easy-to-use system navigation and functionality. Changes can be made easily and we find this is a fast and cost effective way of developing an agreed functional design without the distractions of graphical elements.

For larger projects we gather requirements at facilitated meetings and provide functional and technical specifications for sign off before we start development work.

Database Design and Optimisation

We aim to create flexible and robust information structures that can adapt with your business needs, by:

  • Analysing the processes for maintaining data and formats for presenting information.
  • Designing normalized relational databases, which can be extended to accommodate future needs.
  • Optimising databases with indexes, stored procedures, views and denormalization, where appropriate, to increase performance.

Standards Compliant Accessible Websites

We are committed to producing quality websites in line with the WAI guidelines for accessibility. We use CSS style sheets to implement fonts, backgrounds and some layout positioning to:

  • Promote good practice that enhance the web site experience for all users
  • Make the website easier to maintain and evolve in the future
  • Enhance the logical structure and readability of the XHTML code

Search Engine Optimisation

We structure our web pages to enhance search engine optimisation by making best use of XHTML, CSS, Meta Tags, Header Tags, Alt tags and Link tags:

  • Placing key search terms in the headers, subheaders and meta tags.
  • Using meaningful text in the page navigation and other links, eg. Vinyl flooring rather than click here.
  • Including key search terms in the main text for the web page. Text placed higher up the page is considered more relevant to search engines.
  • Including search terms in the URL and/or name of the HTML file.
  • Including search terms in the Meta Title of the web page.
  • Providing meaningful alternative text for the Alt tags of images.

We are happy to advise on how to further enhance rankings by selecting relavant keywords, getting websites listed in the major search directories such as ODP and Yahoo, and participating in pay-per-click schemes. Search engine optimisation is an ongoing process and we collaborate with search engine experts when it is especially important to a client's business.

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